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Raynham’s Local Governing Board

Raynham’s Local Governing Board is part of the overall governance of the Children First Academy Trust. Raynham’s LGB aims to monitor the objectives set out in the School Improvement Plan and act as a critical friend to the Headteacher and the school’s senior leadership team, providing challenges where necessary. 

The role of the Local Governing Board

The role of our Local Governing Board is an important one, and it is a committee of the Board of Trustees within the governance structure. The aim is for each LGB within our Trust to work closely with the individual school at a local level whilst the Trust Board oversees all schools within the Trust. 

Whilst the Trustees and CEO of the Trust have the overarching responsibility for ensuring high-quality educational provision and holding the leaders to account for outcomes, the LGB role is to support and constructively challenge school leaders when identifying school improvement priorities and monitoring the impact of decisions taken. 

Their role is also to link with the wider community beyond the Local Governing Board meetings, to meet staff, parents and children and assess the impact of the school both within and beyond the classroom. In this way, they triangulate what the leadership is putting in place with what they see in school and what the school community is saying.   

The LGB also monitors risks, particularly regarding safeguarding and health and safety, hears complaints as necessary, and reports concerns to the Trustees through the Area Governance Committee or the Chief Executive Officer. In addition, a named link governor has responsibility for overseeing a specific area such as Pupil Premium, Safeguarding, SEND and Health and Safety. 

Our LGB members are expected to:

  • Prepare for and make an active contribution at meetings of the LGB
  • Champion Raynham in the local community
  • Familiarise themselves with Raynham’s policies
  • Visit Raynham during school hours and for evening events to get to know the school and be visible to the school’s community.
  • Attend training sessions for Governors regularly.

The team of Governors is made up of the following members:

  • The Chair
  • The Vice Chair
  • Staff Governor
  • Parent Governors
  • Trust appointed Governors
  • Headteacher 


Meetings of the LGB are held once each term. Attendance at each meeting, issues discussed, recommendations for decisions and expected actions are all recorded by the clerk and the minutes are signed by the Chair at the next meeting. In addition, there are two days each year when the LGB members visit the school for training and development purposes. 

Review of 2022/23

We had our Governor visit day in November 2022 & April 2023, where the main focus was curriculum development. The governors spend time in class discussing the curriculum with the children and listening to them explain their learning. 

Our Plans for 2023/24

As identified in the School Improvement Plan for 2023/24, our focus for the strategic development of the school will be: 

  • Ensure outcomes for 2024 in reading, writing and maths for all year groups are closing the gaps with national expectations by the end of KS2. (Quality of Education)
  • Develop pedagogy so that all teaching meets the needs of all children and raises attainment in all year groups, particularly non-reporting year groups. (Leadership and Management)
  • To enhance the high-quality curriculum so that in all subjects, all children know more and remember more with this year’s focus on Geography, History, PE & RE (Quality of Education)
  • Work with Trust leaders to develop career paths at all levels so that staff can set and achieve their career ambitions within Trust schools

The termly action plans and impact reports, along with our meetings and visits to the school, will help us to ensure we keep on track with these objectives.

We always welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from parents – please get in touch with the Chair of the Local Governing Board, Rosemary Stanley McKenzie, via the school office or email. 

Click here to link to the Children First Academy Trust website for further information on governance within the Trust.